Very good, Boyd.

Very Good Boyd

Jeeves and Wooster? Meet Boyd and Monaghan.

With undying gratitude and sincerest apologies to P.G. Wodehouse’s fantastic world and characters; artwork by Edouardo Halouze.

-Chapter One-
“I am going to need a restorer, Boyd.”

-Chapter Two-
What men call treasure and the gods call dross, as Boyd once said.

-Chapter Three-
“…It does cheer one, to be sartorially prepared.”

-Chapter Four-
I opened the door without any inkling of the trouble I was setting up for.

-Chapter Five-
Perhaps I could hang myself with the bellpull.

-Chapter Six-
“Boyd, take a note: I’d like gladiolas at the funeral. I always liked gladiolas.”

-Chapter Seven-
I perched on the edge of a sofa and mopped the b. with a trembling h.

-Chapter Eight-
“What ho, Boyd. Any luck on the sticky situation?”

-Chapter Nine-
…My mind, never my most powerful organ if truth be told,
reeled as I tried to encompass what the next step in this merry jig might be.

-Chapter Ten-
“Yes, yes, you can tell us all about your naked orgy with Orlando another day, Dommie.”

-Chapter Eleven-
It was just the usual gay Monaghan nature asserting itself.